So it begins! 13/09/2019

So, I’ve decided to try and get strong and toned. According to my Personal Trainer I need to lose some weight first before we can get cracking on to the strength training. I attended an assessment where he poked and prodded me and tested my flexibility. I was surprised by how I did though whenContinue reading “So it begins! 13/09/2019”

Super Leagues Grand Day Out…Blackpool 7th September 2019

Hey Folks! I had my first game of the season yesterday and it was so much fun! Learning Difficulties teams around the UK came together for a Festival at Blackpool Sports Centre. We played against five teams and won two games, but in Tag Rugby it is an all inclusive sport and not competitive. WhichContinue reading “Super Leagues Grand Day Out…Blackpool 7th September 2019”

New Endeavour….

Well, it’s official! I am officially playing for the Castleford Tigers Foundation Learning Difficulties Rugby team! So far, the training has been only one occasion and this Saturday we are going down to Blackpool to play against the other teams. I’m excited, but also nervous because I’ve only had one hour of training. So, I’veContinue reading “New Endeavour….”

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