Girl Up – Laura Bates, you’re my hero!

When my little meltdown occurred the other day I decided to shake myself off, get up and pick an empowering book to read to snap me out of my funk. This book was Girl Up by Laura Bates. Laura Bates is a successful feminist who became well known for her website called The Everyday SexismContinue reading “Girl Up – Laura Bates, you’re my hero!”

Second Semester….A Rant…..

Hi, I’m back and ready to share my experience of my Masters, so far….I apologise in advance for the emotional rant. I’m going through a lot at the moment. Well, I’m sat in stats class thinking about everything but stats. I’ve had a rocky few weeks and lately everything seems to be becoming overwhelming. I’mContinue reading “Second Semester….A Rant…..”

So it begins! 13/09/2019

So, I’ve decided to try and get strong and toned. According to my Personal Trainer I need to lose some weight first before we can get cracking on to the strength training. I attended an assessment where he poked and prodded me and tested my flexibility. I was surprised by how I did though whenContinue reading “So it begins! 13/09/2019”

Super Leagues Grand Day Out…Blackpool 7th September 2019

Hey Folks! I had my first game of the season yesterday and it was so much fun! Learning Difficulties teams around the UK came together for a Festival at Blackpool Sports Centre. We played against five teams and won two games, but in Tag Rugby it is an all inclusive sport and not competitive. WhichContinue reading “Super Leagues Grand Day Out…Blackpool 7th September 2019”

Body Positivity and Self Love…A Journey.

It took me a very long time to think of myself more than what people were telling me. Since I was a little girl, I craved my father’s approval. I craved it so bad I took on board everything he said about me. I was “too fat”, “too sensitive”, “too simple”, nothing I did seemedContinue reading “Body Positivity and Self Love…A Journey.”

About Me…

One in one hundred people, in the UK, are autistic. Within those numbers there are a few individuals who are also part of the LGBT community, like me. Although the LGBT community is being more openly discussed and accepted over time, what is it like being an autistic who also lives with the anxiety ofContinue reading “About Me…”

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