About Me

Hi, I’m AutisttGirl, or Aimee if you prefer! Welcome to my blog. This is just a little bit more about me.

I am from the Uk and live, currently, in Leeds. I live with my parents at the moment, their three dogs and my younger brother who is also autistic and has ADHD. I’ve always loved writing and have spent a lot of my life writing short stories, usually erotica as I am quite a sexual person. It’s also a way for me to express my sexuality as I have some unusual tastes, I’m quite the kinkster.

I am also very queer, which beside my autism hasn’t always been easy, as well as being a curvier woman. However, I have come to love my body and the parts of myself which aren’t fully accepted in society. I am a bit of a geek, as you can possibly tell from my anime avatar which I had tones of fun creating! Apart from being a little slimmer, this is a pretty great likeness. I was so excited when I found a hoodie to put myself in!

Why I made a blog…

I decided to create a blog to express myself. I’m quite a quiet person and I don’t let a lot of people into my world, which I am working on trying to change. I love to write and I think a little time away from fiction will do me good. But, that’s not to say I won’t write something saucy and post it for your beautiful eyes to read.

Type of Content…

I will be writing about sexuality, LGBTQ+ issues, Autism, relationships and anything else that pops up. I think there is a lot of stigma around autism, sexuality and LGBTQ+ so I will be mainly focusing on that and my experiences, and maybe some naughty stories if I feel inclined ; )

Hopes and Dreams…

I am hoping that this blog will help others to feel more confident and to express themselves. I think waiting until your comfortable to put on that bikini or join that gay group, or begin a degree can be a lifelong struggle of indecision if you let it. The best thing to do, I’ve found, is to jump in with both feet (no matter how scary) and do it. I’m hoping once my Masters is finished to start my PhD and become a practicing Psychologist and researcher. That is my dream, and if I can help people along the way with my thoughts, experiences and writing then that’s fantastic! What more could a Aspergay want! ; )

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