Super Leagues Grand Day Out…Blackpool 7th September 2019

Hey Folks!

I had my first game of the season yesterday and it was so much fun! Learning Difficulties teams around the UK came together for a Festival at Blackpool Sports Centre. We played against five teams and won two games, but in Tag Rugby it is an all inclusive sport and not competitive. Which means that we all play for the love, and fun, of it.

I had a blast and wanted to share the photos of my first game. Unfortunately, I joined at the end of the season, so our match this coming Friday against Wakefield Wildcats will be our last until next year. But I am going to use this spare time, around my studies, to get fit and work on my strength for when we start playing again.

Below are just a few photos of the day…

Castleford Tigers LDR Team

Every time I got the ball I started laughing…I honestly don’t know why
There were other women as well on other teams, but at the moment I’m the only woman in the Castleford LDR team. Hopefully, more will join next season

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