Bloggy, blog, blog…

Hi I’m AutisttGirl and welcome to my blog!

Although I have another blog, I am using this blog here to let you know what is happening on that one (confusing I know!). In future I will probably upload links to my other blog posts.

Anyway! A little about me…I’m 28, British and an autistic queer, which I’m quite proud of. I love reading, video games and cake…so if anyone is after someone who is constantly eating salads and going to the gym everyday I’m probably not the girl for you. But, if you want a friend who is genuine, loyal and insanely passionate about autism awareness, body positivity no matter your size and LGBTQ+ issues, then absolutely feel free to take a look around!

So far, I have only began this blog and lately I have been trying to organise a YouTube channel and get my Instagram off the ground. After a bit of research I found that it isn’t popular for queer autistics to reach out and express themselves. Which I think is a shame, because we are valid and beautiful people with talents and passions just like everyone else : )

I did being my blog on Wix, however, I found that Wix didn’t grant me the community I was hoping for like WordPress does. WordPress has a range of topics and people from all backgrounds using its platform and I think, personally, my blog would benefit more from WordPress than Wix. Even though Wix has more customisation features. But, just like everything, never judge a book by its cover. So, I think in future WordPress if probably the way I will sway.

So, finally, this was just a little introduction to who I am, what I do and what to expect, I guess. I am currently working on a YouTube channel. I want to create a sort of creative community where we can all have fun and express our thoughts and creativity without a massive issue. The haters are going to hate, but that shouldn’t stop us! : )

Keep smiling gals and guys. xoxo

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